Two new ways for you to participate in HHS open government

There are two great ways you can connect with us to help in our efforts to make the Department of Health and Human Services more transparent, participatory, and collaborative. First, we are preparing our draft version of the next HHS Open Government plan and now have a new way to gain your input:  a new online questionnaire where you can present your best ideas. Share your thoughts with us at We’ll share your ideas across the department and bring them into our plan in the best ways we can.  Comments are due by April 9, 2012, and the earlier we get them, the better. Second, the upcoming 2012 Health Data Initiative Forum – otherwise known as the “Health Datapalooza” — which will be held on June 5-6 at the Washington Convention Center in DC.  This event, now being organized by a public-private partnership called the Health Data Consortium, will highlight the massive creativity that innovators across the country are displaying as they harness the power of open HHS and other data in all kinds of ways to help create benefit and value for consumers, health care professionals, community leaders, and more.   The Datapalooza team is now taking applications from innovators who wish to be considered to present at the Datapalooza – go to to apply.  The application deadline is March 30, 2012.