Welcome to HealthData.gov!

Originally posted on HealthData.gov Welcome to HealthData.gov – an exciting new community on Data.gov!  HealthData.gov is a one-stop resource for the growing ecosystem of innovators who are turning data into new applications, services, and insights that can help improve health. Here’s what you can do on HealthData.gov: Get free health-related data (and lots of it).  Under “Data/Tools,” you can access a comprehensive catalog of health-related data sets available on Data.gov – relevant to all aspects of health, for a broad array of users, supplied by a wide range of federal agencies, and available for free.  You can use the enhanced, health-specific categorization and search functions to find the data sets in which you are most interested, and view them, download them or access them via application programming interfaces (APIs).  We’ll continue to add new government data sets frequently and update older ones – stay tuned for continual action on this front, with the help of our listserve, Twitter, and RSS feeds!  In addition, check out “Other Data Sites” for a growing list of links to non-federal health data sources that can be valuable aids to your work. Check out what innovators are doing with health-related data.  In response to popular demand, HealthData.gov also links you to a brand new “Health Apps Expo,” hosted and managed by the private sector innovation experts at Health 2.0.  The Apps Expo shows an expanding array of examples of what innovators have done with health-related data – applications and uses that help consumers, providers, employers, communities, policymakers and others make better-informed decisions and improve health.  Get inspired by what other folks have done, and post an entry about your own super cool app! Connect to other innovators. In HealthData.gov’s blogs and forums, catch up on the latest happenings in the health data community.  Rate and rank data sets, open threads of conversation about them, point out what you like and don’t like about them, request new data, and talk about how the data can best be used.  Link to current app development competitions on Challenge.gov and Health2Challenge.org – contests to develop the best health apps that fulfill a variety of missions… and throw your hat into the ring! We are very hopeful that HealthData.gov will be a useful resource for anyone who’s interested in harnessing the power of data to help improve health and create value.  And we’ll be listening closely to your suggestions about how we can make HealthData.gov better and better as time goes on.  Welcome again, and very much looking forward to the path ahead! Todd Park Chief Technology Officer, HHS