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HHS Organizational Manual - April 2009

Part A Chapter AD: Office of Regional Directors

Approved by Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget on 4/11/1995,  published @ 61 FR 24311-12 on 05/14/1995

AD.00     Mission

AD.10     Organization

AD.20     Functions

Section AD.00 Mission. The Regional Director serves as the direct personal representative of the Secretary with the responsibility for carrying out the Secretary's policies in the Region. The Regional Director provides leadership for the Secretary's special initiatives and coordination of the complex activities of the Region.

Section AD.10 Organization. The Office of the Regional Director is under the direction and control of the Regional Director, who reports directly to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary through the Director for Intergovernmental Affairs, and consists of the following:

Regional Director AD(1-X)

Section AD.20 Functions.   The Regional Director serves as the Secretary's representative in direct official dealings with State, tribal and local government organizations, non-government officials and their respective representative organizations. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with Governors, mayors, county officials, and other key State and local officials; furnishes advice and assistance and strives to develop a mutually beneficial Federal-State-local partnership; provides guidance and coordination to the efforts of all regional staff members on the priorities, emphasis, and merits of various programs based on the expression of needs and analyses by Governors, mayors, and other key officials. In consultation with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Legislation, provides a central focus in the Region for department relations with Congressional delegations and individual members of Congress. Promotes general public understanding of programs, policies, and objectives of the Department; participates in developing and carrying out a region-wide public information program; and provides regional clearance on official public communiques. Assesses the effectiveness of Department activities and makes reports and recommendations to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, and other Departmental officials concerning the application or improvement of policies and service delivery systems. Serves as coordinator, facilitator, and expediter in solving cross-cutting issues to assure effective, efficient, and responsible actions in the interest of total service to the public. Advises the Secretary on the potential effect of proposed Department action, whether legislative, regulatory, or administrative decision. Provides input into policy decisions and strategy regarding the concerns and interests of State and local governments and non- government organizations as derived from their key officials. In conjunction with the Regional Health Administrators, develops plans for emergency preparedness and directs all Departmental activities necessary to ensure continuity of essential functions within the Region in case of an emergency due to enemy action or natural disaster.

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