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More Chances to Hear From You

HHS announces an opportunity to submit ideas for reforms to the individual and small-group insurance markets.

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Experts at the Department of Health and Human Services are combing through the thousands of pages of regulations, guidances, and other rules related to the Affordable Care Act to find ways to stabilize insurance markets and offer relief from the law.

But we don’t believe all the answers are in Washington, D.C. That is why we are asking for input from the American people about what is working and what isn’t when it comes to regulation of the individual and small-group insurance markets.

Those are the markets primarily affected by the Affordable Care Act. In both markets, Americans are suffering from rising prices and rapidly disappearing choices.

HHS is especially interested in suggestions that further:

  • help stabilize these markets, decrease costs, and increase choices;
  • identify outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective regulations; and
  • highlight regulations that are inconsistent or impose costs that exceed benefits.

HHS takes public comments very seriously and looks forward to your input.

Read more about the request and how to submit ideas.

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Health Insurance Reform
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