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Making Online Insurance Enrollment Easier for You

HHS plans to streamline the process of signing up for individual insurance by making it easier to use tools besides Healthcare.gov.

health insurance enrollment

Millions of Americans have chosen not to purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, despite the law’s requirement that they do so.

For many, this is because skyrocketing premiums and dwindling choices leave them with no attractive or affordable insurance options. But in other cases, a significant barrier to purchasing health coverage is the government’s online marketplace, which surveys show is complicated and time-consuming to navigate.

There are private-sector alternatives: A number of internet-based insurance brokers offer user-friendly tools to compare the prices and benefits of different plans on the individual market. But government rules require customers using one of these tools to bounce back and forth between the broker’s website and Healthcare.gov—a confusing website navigation process called a “double-redirect.”

The government should be making it easier, not harder, for Americans to purchase health insurance, so we are reforming the process for individuals to enroll in coverage through the exchanges.

On May 17, CMS announced their plan to streamline the insurance sign-up process, so that individuals using certain private-sector web brokers to shop for and buy health insurance will now be able to complete their application without going to the Healthcare.gov website.

This new system will make purchasing insurance on the individual market a better experience for Americans who have found the Healthcare.gov site a burden. Boosting enrollment by allowing Americans to access coverage in a way that’s convenient and easier for them will also help stabilize insurance markets. It’s a win-win.

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