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PCSFN Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form


The President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition (PCSFN) Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually to up to five individuals whose careers have greatly contributed to the advancement or promotion of physical activity, fitness, sports, or nutrition nationwide.


Nominations will be accepted between September 30 and March 1 each year. Nominations received after midnight on March 1 will not be accepted. Nominations with incomplete or missing information will not be considered. Eligible nominations will be reviewed by PCSFN staff and winners determined by the President's Council members.

Factors considered in the selection process include: span and scope of career; population and area of PCSFN mission served; reach of individual’s work; successes for the individual; and miscellaneous information. Please see the nomination form for detailed criteria for the nomination process.

Criteria Categories

When submitting a nomination for a Lifetime Achievement Award, please provide a copy of the CV or Bio-sketch of the individual as well as a cover letter. The cover letter should detail answers that address the criteria categories and questions identified below. The letter should also detail why the nominee is deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The cover letter should be no more than two (2) pages.

The categories that the PCSFN Council members will consider are as follows:

  1. Span and scope of career
    1. How long has the individual been serving in their role?
    2. What impact as the individual made on their field in terms of solutions, outreach, efforts, etc.?
    3. What is the legacy of the individual’s work – in their community, field, area of work? Is there a quantifiable aspect that can measure that legacy?
  2. Content
    1. What population does the individual serve?
    2. What area of the Council’s mission is the individual working in, e.g. fitness, sports, physical activity or nutrition?
  3. Reach
    1. What is the estimated number of lives the nominated individual has touched through his or her work?
    2. If the nominated individual is an academic professional, how many published papers has the individual authored?
    3. What leadership roles has the individual held over the scope of their career?
  4. Successes
    1. What is the quantifiable evidence that there have been successes in the individual’s approach to improving health and well-being?
    2. What has the individual done to move the needle forward for their area of expertise?
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. What additional awards or honors has the nominated individual received?
    2. The nominator must provide two references that can speak to the qualifications of the individual nominated.

Nominator Information

Nominee Information

Nominee's Bio-Sketch and Cover Letter *

Please upload an electronic copy of the Nominee's bio-sketch and a cover letter. Your application is not complete until all materials are received by the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. File Size for each document should not exceed 5MB. Accepted file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf.

In 2500 characters or less, please explain the significance of the individual’s accomplishments and how his/her efforts have improved the lives of others. Include information on the size of the community touched by the individual(s) and the frequency with which the individual(s) interact(s) with this population. This is to provide a snippet of the nominee’s accomplishments with further details to be contained in the required cover letter.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.