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Live Your Summer Adventure; Achieve Your Healthiest Life!

Stay active and eat healthy this summer. Here are some ideas to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals.

This time of year, it’s easier than ever to embrace the adventure of accelerating your journey to a healthier life and a greater level of fitness. In fact, the toughest part might be deciding what to do first! The summer season gives us many opportunities to eat healthy and be active, and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways below. Whether you revel in the joy of outside activity, or make a nutritious new dish from seasonal produce, your healthy summer adventure can start now!

A common and fun option for summer is bike riding. Want to get in shape and save money on gas? Get on your bike! Riding as a family is an excellent way to encourage healthy habits in children. Just remember to teach bike safety practices to your young riders to avoid accidents.

There’s also no better time to visit any one of our 400+ uniquely amazing national parks. From Alaska’s snow-capped majestic mountains to Florida’s endlessly verdant Everglades—and everything in between—the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches never disappoint. Each park provides opportunities for physical, intellectual, and social activities that are stimulating. At one park, you might gaze in awe at the stars of a diamond-encrusted sky—at another, you might hike the bluffs of an archaeological site, searching for clues to our shared past. Talk about adventure!

Closer to home, make good use of your neighborhood parks. Especially in urban and suburban areas, parks provide safe places for kids to develop their bodies and brains through playing on the jungle gym and socializing with other children. Kids who play outside are typically healthier, happier, and better able to concentrate. And the benefits don’t stop there. Children who have opportunities for free play in nature often display a heightened interest in caring for the environment. Remember, children should get 60 minutes or more of physical activity, every day.

Remember your New Year’s resolution? If yours was to improve your health, make summer a time to recommit to your goals, no matter how much or how little progress you’ve made up until now. Adults 18 and older should try to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week, and include muscle-strengthening activity two days a week, as recommended by the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

When the choices seem overwhelming, choose something that’s easy to fit into your lifestyle. In addition to walking, jogging, and biking, moderate-intensity activities that are great for the summer season include canoeing, gardening, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis (doubles), and water aerobics. Examples of vigorous-intensity activities include aerobic dancing, jumping rope, martial arts, running, swimming, and tennis (singles).

Along with supercharged summer fitness comes scrumptious summer food! There’s a rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables in season, so take advantage of all the mouthwatering, nutrient-packed possibilities. You might enjoy some fresh fish, poultry, or lean beef on the grill.

Whatever culinary delights you indulge in, let the fantastic flavor of the season take the place of the added salt, sugar, and saturated fat that can sabotage otherwise healthy eating habits.

Finally, it’s always a terrific time to support others on their journey to better health. Why not help a loved one become more active? In addition, volunteering keeps you connected to your community in a way that has proven health benefits for body and mind.

Go ahead and share your favorite active summer shots with us by following us on Twitter @FitnessGov and using #0to60 in your social media posts! We love seeing your smiling faces and reading your inspirational stories. They motivate us to make strides toward living our healthiest life.

Speaking of motivation, don’t forget to keep checking back at www.fitness.gov for more information, ideas, and insight on making this your healthiest summer yet!

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