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President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition (PCSFN) Blog

Read more about I Can Do It! Mentorship Becomes a Lifelong Friendship
"After 9 years of friendship, my relationship with Tori is still very difficult to put into words. Not only is she like a sister to me, she is my best friend.” –Haley Barber Hear from a former I Can Do It! Mentor on how helping an individual with a disability practice healthy eating and physical activity has changed her life.
Tagged: Disability
Read more about I Can Do It Supports Healthy Living for Women With a Disability
Blog by PCSFN's Executive Director, Holli Richmond. PCSFN's I Can Do It! model is being used to ensure that women and girls with a disability have opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating behaviors.
Tagged: Disability
Read more about Create Opportunities for Individuals with a Disability
Blog by PCSFN's Executive Director, Holli Richmond. PCSFN recently relaunched the I Can Do It! model to address the needs of children and adults with a disability.
Tagged: Disability
Read more about Strategies from Project Play to Build Kids into Athletes for Life
In recognition of National Youth Sports Week, here are some strategies from Project Play to help kids get active through sports. Blog by Tom Farrey and Jon Solomon, Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program. Cross-posted from Health.gov.
Read more about The Case for Inclusive Programming
Blog by Allison Tubbs, Project Coordinator, National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability. Cross-posted from Health.gov.
Read more about Try Something New During National Physical Fitness & Sports Month
May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. PCSFN Executive Director Holli Richmond shares her personal fitness story, and challenges you to celebrate during May by getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new to be active!
Read more about A New Spin On Your New Year's Resolution
Tips on how to start the New Year off right and keep your resolutions going all year long.
Read more about 5 Tips to Beat Holiday Health Pitfalls
This holiday season, instead of giving up her hard-fought health routine, OWH Acting Director Nicole Greene is finding ways to incorporate it into her favorite traditions. Check out her blog post for five tips for a healthier holiday season!
Read more about 6 Tips For Being Active Outdoors This Winter
Expectations and tips on how to stay safe during outdoor physical activity this winter.
Read more about Pumpkin Pointers for Healthy Fall Eating
Enjoy these healthy tips for including pumpkin into your diet this Fall.
Tagged: Nutrition


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Find small activities to add to your work day like a lunch time walk or using the stairs.

Add variety to water with refreshing additions such as lemons, limes, and/or strawberries.

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