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Immunization Gateway

The Immunization Gateway includes a portfolio of projects related to immunization information systems (IIS).  These efforts include:

  1. Provider and IIS Interoperability Project
  2. Consumer Engagement for IIS
  3. Cross-Jurisdictional Exchange

Immunization information systems are confidential and population-based systems offering the most reliable source of aggregated vaccination information. Healthcare providers and pharmacies have been submitting vaccination data to IIS for over twenty years. There are sixty-four different IIS serving states and regions throughout the United States. These systems consolidate and deduplicate both patients and their vaccinations. In addition, IIS provide forecasting algorithms to help families stay up to date on their vaccines.

Vaccination is a proven public health success and a cost-effective strategy to protect individuals from disease. Vaccine preventable diseases can travel quickly through a community and infect large numbers of people. There are certain populations such as those with weakened or failing immune systems or serious allergies that cannot receive vaccinations. It is imperative for communities to maintain high vaccination rates to foster community immunity or “herd immunity” to protect against spreadable diseases. By consolidating vaccination information in state and regional IIS, this information may be used to identify vulnerable patients during an outbreak of vaccine-preventable infection.

Content created by Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Content last reviewed on November 15, 2019