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Where to begin?

Imagine at the end of this being in a small meeting where you are presenting to a key member of Leadership. This might be at the Department level. It might be the head of your Agency. It might be your boss. You want to ask them for money and support to take your project idea to the next level.

Start with the end in mind.

The Ignite Accelerator provides you an opportunity. Nothing more and nothing less. Your goal is to be able to capitalize on this opportunity so that you are in that meeting with Leadership with a tested prototype (or prototypes) and thus a validated solution (or solutions). These concrete things, backed with data and anecdotes, make up the best business case and the strongest arguments you can bring to the table.

What you do with your time in this program is generally up to you. With that said, we offer some suggestions on how to be set up for success. These suggestions come in the form of a Boot Camp training, expert coaching, regular meetings, constant email communications, and other things based upon our knowledge and experience.


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Content last reviewed on September 25, 2018