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Ignite Accelerator Projects

The HHS Ignite Accelerator is an internal innovation startup program for staff within the Department that want to improve the way their program, office, or agency works. The program provides selected teams methodological coaching and technical guidance within a fast-paced, entrepreneurial framework.

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Let Your Ideas Take Off

The Ignite Accelerator supports projects that will help the Department to deliver on its mission. Learn more.


Piloting various processes to improve internal communications and stay better connected to Regional stakeholder needs.
Project Supported By:
Reducing time and saving money by creating an online entry system for several FOIA requesters.
Creating a sustainable collaborative approach for delivery of meaningful resources and support to Head Start and Child Care Grantees.
Project Supported By:
Testing a new technology and approach to understanding user-behavior for improved digital communications.
Project Supported By:
Creating communities of practice among grantees of the Administration for Native Americans.
Project Supported By:
Designing and testing a user-interface for x-ray technicians in rural Africa.
Project Supported By:
Encouraging further research at the intersection of genetics and public health.
Project Supported By:
Exploring how to improve the Teen Pregnancy Prevention grantee experience across three federal Agencies (CDC, OASH, and ACF).
Project Supported By:
Improving access to health and healing at Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC).
Project Supported By:
Capturing energy consumption data from a sample of NIH laboratories.
Project Supported By:


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