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We are always looking for individuals with ambitious entrepreneurial drive to join government and tackle health problems from a public perspective. The Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is a hiring framework that enables private-sector employees to serve government for short, limited durations.

Entrepreneurship in Gov

The EIR program is a fantastic opportunity for talented private sector individuals to spend some time in government. Agency leaders are encouraged to find EIRs.



Reducing time and saving money by creating an online entry system for several FOIA requesters.
Redesigning and optimizing the Centralized Intake Unit to process complaints more efficiently.
Project Supported By:
Creating a big data environment to enable data explorations that can yield groundbreaking scientific and regulatory insights.
Project Supported By:
Upgrading the system to build capacity and better inform decision making.
Project Supported By:
Transforming the organ procurement and transplantation system.
Project Supported By:
Helping grantees succeed through the use of new strategies and approaches.
Project Supported By:
Improving medical malpractice data and access to it.
Project Supported By:
Enhancing usability, scalability and data quality of one of CMS' most popular datasets.
Project Supported By:
Re-engineering the process to meet the needs of a changing digital communications landscape.
Project Supported By:
Developing a mechanism for industry and academia to tell HHS more about their data needs.
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Content last reviewed on October 17, 2018