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CTO Blog

Read more about Listening to Real People is a Critical Step
Listening to real people is a critical step in the design process. Purposefully embedding research processes rooted in empathy and equity into tech design helps ensure products help people; we strive to uncover insights from research that is inclusive and people-focused
Tagged: Health IT
Read more about HHS Ignite: Science and Happiness Converge
Scientists in public health are typically portrayed in laboratory settings or laboriously crunching data on computers. But public health also finds answers in people as sources of data collection. Last year, the HHS Ignite Accelerator Program (Ignite) Summer 2019 Cohort provided six Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists the opportunity to pursue happiness through laboratory science and integrated human centered design (HCD).
Read more about The Lyme Innovation “TOP Health” Teams in 2020
We’re kicking off 2020 by showcasing the ongoing successes of four Lyme Innovation “TOP Health” teams. One team received national recognition in the "Future of Healthcare Using AI" and won the TOP Prize Challenge, run by the U.S. Census Bureau in coordination with the White House Office of Management and Budget.
Read more about Mona Siddiqui Looks Back on her Time at HHS
Summary: After three years serving as HHS Office of the CTO Chief Data Officer, Mona Siddiqui announces that she is leaving the department and remembers Data Team accomplishments.
Read more about Enabling a Data-Driven Institution through Organizational Change
In our new report, "Leveraging Data for the Nation’s Health", we outline the holistic approach to data sharing that we are taking at the Department.
Read more about PreventionX: Catalyzing Innovation to Enable Healthy Choices
What is PreventionX? Learn more about what inspired us to launch Prevention X and how to respond to our new Request for Information.
Read more about Indian Health Service Strategic Options for the Modernization
We are thrilled to announce the release of a final report and roadmap for the first phase of the Indian Health Service Health Information Technology Modernization project.
Tagged: Health IT
Read more about The Power of Lyme Innovation: One Year of Progress
In November 2018, the HHS Office of the CTO launched its Lyme Innovation initiative to accelerate and co-create the next generation of Lyme disease solutions through public-private partnerships in collaboration with patients, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and all stakeholders. So, where are we today?
Read more about HHS Innovation Day: Three Takeaways for Public Sector Innovators
HHS Innovation Day celebrates public servants as innovators and agents for creative change.
Read more about Immunization Records for Healthy People
Immunization registries have historically not been available to consumers. My office recognizes these challenges and is leading innovation for consumer immunization access across the country. To frame our work, we use Healthy People 2030 goals, which aim to improve immunization rates. Our Consumer Access project, led by Jim Daniel, directly relates to these goals.


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