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Author: Malini Sekhar

Read more about Say What You Want To Say. The World Is Waiting.
Sometimes a slap in the face (or a less painful equivalent to the ego) is a great wake-up call. That's how I internalized the importance and power of good communication. I've always loved words and writing, but I would often over think my writing.
Read more about With Our Forces Combined
A new vision and approach to greater health calls for a world where everyone is a changemaker. Where everyone is empowered with that belief. Even government employees working in a corner of a large, hierarchical bureaucracy.
Read more about A Few Reasons Why Others Attend the Health Datapalooza
One of the secret ingredients to the success of the Health Datapalooza (among others) is the diversity of passionate attendees and the richness and insight they bring to the conversation.
Read more about Making Employee Engagement a Management Priority
When we received and reviewed the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) scores for ACF early in 2014, it was clear that there was much room for improvement.
Read more about Employee Engagement Strategies at HHS
After receiving feedback on 50 project recommendations, we discussed each recommendation and created several documents to help organize and track the work.
Read more about Operationalizing Innovation: A Q&A with Jim Macrae
The notion of innovating in government is a cool thing to say and think about these days (I mean we are talking about it so…) But what does that actually mean for leadership and managers seeking to operationalize and spread this vision?
Read more about Save the Date! September 17th is Our Next Demo Day.
In a few weeks, we're hosting our next Demo Day at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), featuring an introduction into innovation with the HHS IDEA Lab and a series of rapid-fire presentations from the teams currently being supported by the Summer 2015 HHS Ignite Accelerator
Read more about You and the 2015 Health Datapalooza Should Meet
If you are interested and geeky about technology, big data (or the idea of it), innovation and/or health, you really won't want to miss the 2015 Health Datapalooza in Washington, DC.
Read more about FDA's Innovation Suite - The Transformative Potential of Space
Earlier this year, the HHS IDEA Lab team spent one week working out of different areas in the General Services Administration's (GSA) 1800 F. Street building to test, for ourselves, the influence of the built environment.