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Author: Vivek H. Murthy

Read a blog post about our work to ensure that pain is treated as a public health problem.
Through the National Pain Strategy, we believe that we can lessen our patients’ pain, while keeping them safe.
Read a blog post about the importance of talking and mental health issues.
To bring mental illness out of the shadows and deal with the challenge of drug and alcohol addiction, we need more than one voice. We need many voices.
Read a blog post about World No Tobacco Day and tobacco-free living.
By strengthening collaboration with our global partners, we will be more knowledgeable and effective in combating the public health crisis from tobacco products
Read a blog post about the work and efforts of the Commissioned Corps officers of the U.S. Public Health Service “Team 4” in Liberia.
In this effort – as in the Corps’ 217-year history – our USPHS officers proved themselves to be the true guardians of global public health.
Read a blog post about Elmo, the Surgeon General, and the importance of getting vaccinated.
If you have questions about vaccines, talk to your health care professional. And listen to my friend, Elmo!
children | vaccines
Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA, U.S. Surgeon General
Let’s carry on the efforts of the last half century to put an end to the tobacco epidemic.
tobacco | youth | smoking