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ACA’s Sixth Anniversary: Pre-existing Conditions Won’t Stop Avey

The Affordable Care Act has given us tremendous peace of mind knowing that Avey will be able to get the treatment she needs.

My bright, spirited 6-year-old daughter Avey has a long strand of beautiful beads. They’re “courage beads,” over 400 in all. They represent the milestones of her cancer treatment--18 spinal taps, 15 blood transfusions, and 24 nights in the hospital that she endured in her fight against leukemia that started when she was 2.

Avey’s in remission now, and only sees the doctor every few months for a checkup. We are grateful for her current good health--and for the protections of the Affordable Care Act.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurers can’t discriminate against Avey or most other children or adults who suffered illness or injury because of their pre-existing condition.  Thanks to this law’s protections, Avey’s opportunities won’t be limited because she had cancer and got treatment.

Alycia Steinberg and her daughter Avey.

Now, 20 million adults, who were uninsured before, have health coverage because of the Affordable Care Act, and they and their children now have the same protections that Avey has.

When a child is seriously ill, no parent should have to worry that an insurer would deny coverage due to the child’s pre-existing condition. The Affordable Care Act and all its protections gave me the mental and emotional space to focus on Avey. My full-time job was managing her treatment, side effects, and physical well-being, as well as nurturing her spirit and development.

We were fortunate that we had insurance through my employer when we found out about Avey’s illness. And I was able to resign my job and switch us to my husband’s insurance so I could take care of Avey without her losing coverage or our insurance becoming too expensive because of her pre-existing condition.

It’s been a long road. We’ve had wonderful support from family and friends and excellent health care. Avey was so strong and brave, so compliant with her treatment and really interested in what the doctors and nurses were doing. She never lost her spirit. 

The Affordable Care Act has given us tremendous peace of mind knowing that Avey will be able to get the treatment she needs. Bravery is the only pre-existing condition that Avey will ever know.

The #ACA has given Alycia peace of mind knowing that her daughter Avey will be able to get the treatment she needs →


ACA’s Sixth Anniversary: Finding Coverage and Peace of Mind A Conversation on the Health of our Nation’s Children