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The Faces of the Precision Medicine Initiative

The NIH is launching a video series to explain the significance of this historic endeavor.

On January 30, 2015, President Obama launched the Precision Medicine Initiative, an innovative approach that will revolutionize medicine. This week, we are launching a video series to explain the significance of this historic endeavor.

Precision medicine is an innovative approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. The goal of precision medicine is to enable your healthcare team to tailor prevention strategies and treatments to the unique characteristics of your disease. Precision medicine is already benefitting some people with diseases like cystic fibrosis and certain types of cancer.

Faces of Precision Medicine Initiative

In the near term, the Precision Medicine Initiative would focus on significantly expanding our efforts in cancer research to expand our prevention and treatment efforts.

In the longer term, the Initiative would launch a national research study with a group of 1 million or more American volunteers to share their genetic data, biological samples, and diet/lifestyle choices. This data will be used by scientists and clinicians to make innovative advances in treatments and cures.  All this to make a healthier America, a healthier you.

To explain exactly why this effort is so important, NIH is asking the many people involved and interested in precision medicine to weigh in. Researchers, doctors, patients, advocates and others are sharing their thoughts. Starting this week, “The Faces of the Precision Medicine Initiative” will share what they had to say about why precision medicine is so important to the future of healthcare.

Tune in each week on Wednesdays to see the next in our series here and follow along on Twitter @NIH or using #FacesofPMI. Want to add your story? Tell us using #FacesofPMI. 

Meet the #FacesofPMI who are working on #PrecisionMedicine each and every day → via @HHSgov & @NIH


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