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Want to Quit Smoking? We Can Help!

If you’re trying to quit smoking, is here for you. Everyone’s needs are different; your journey is unique to you.

Two years ago, Jennifer was a pack-a-day smoker. Jennifer quit smoking with the support of the National Cancer Institute’s Initiative. When she first quit, she used to find tips to deal with cravings, information on withdrawal, social support, and motivation. Then, Jennifer took up running to help get through her cravings, and never stopped! Today, she is running marathons (yes, plural) and inspiring others with her quit story.

Even now that she is two years smokefree, Jennifer posts her status on the timeline of the Smokefree Women Facebook page almost every week. She credits the social support that she receives from the page as being instrumental in her success at quitting. And she is not alone!

If you’re trying to quit smoking, is here for you. Everyone’s needs are different; your journey is unique to you. has many free resources to help. 

Steps to Take on Your Quit Day. Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking! As you begin your smokefree journey, it is important to get off to a good start. The following steps will help you on your first day without a cigarette, and start you on the path to a smokefree life. Friends and Family. Support. Keep Busy. Smoking Triggers. #Smokefree2015.

  • To get information about quitting, medications, health effects, and more, start with
  • For information specific for women, teens, or Spanish-speakers try,, or
  • Need daily support? SmokefreeTXT is a text message program that helps you set a quit date and delivers tips and motivation right to your phone.  Increase your chances of quitting with SmokefreeTXT.
  • For support from others who are going through the same thing you are, try our Facebook pages! Smokefree Women has a strong community of women in various stages of the quit smoking process, and SmokefreeUS exit disclaimer is a community for anyone trying to quit.
  • If you have a smartphone, keep support in the palm of your hand with one of our apps like QuitGuide. It will help you track your progress and remind you of your reasons to quit.

If you’re trying to help someone else quit, is here for you, too. Quitting smoking isn’t easy. The nicotine in cigarettes is very addictive, so people trying to quit have to deal with withdrawal symptoms and changing routines. has tips to help you support your quitter. Your support is important to their success, so ask them how they would like you to help. And don’t forget to celebrate their achievements!

Remember, wherever you are on your smokefree journey or if you are helping someone become or stay smokefree, can help.


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