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Follow and Promote TAG

By joining Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG), you pledge to support TAG's goals, to raise awareness about adolescent health, and to take action to improve adolescent health and healthy development. In addition, you will be signed up for our e-updates to receive the latest TAG news and resources.

Here are five ways YOU can get involved with TAG and help improve adolescent health and healthy development:

1. Sign up for the monthly TAG Newsletter.

Sign up now.

2. Follow TAG news on social media.

3. Promote TAG to your networks.

  • Download the TAG Playbook and share with colleagues.
  • Brief your colleagues about TAG at a staff or coalition meeting. Use or modify this slide deck TAG Overview slides. Along with the slides, use the TAG Overview one-pager
  • Share information about adolescent health and TAG through your newsletters, Facebook and blog posts, tweets, etc. Ideas for promoting TAG can be found in our TAG Toolkit.
  • Display the TAG banners in your newsletter or on your website and link back to www.hhs.gov/ash/oah/tag. You can download the banners below.

TAG Social Media Images: Download all social media files in a zip format for sharing online.

Individual downloads:

4. Take action to improve adolescent health.

TAG offers many action ideas for organizations and individuals (Families and Teens) to improve adolescent health.

5. Share your successful strategies for improving adolescent health and healthy development.

We'll feature examples of successful strategies in our newsletters and on our website.

Write us at TAGTeam@hhs.gov to share your approach!

Share a printable version of the "Get Involved with TAG" list with partners.

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Content last reviewed on February 26, 2019