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Game Plan for Engaging Youth

The Game Plan for Engaging Youth summarizes ideas for engaging adolescents in promoting their health and healthy development. This information was gathered during a meeting held in March 2015 with youth-serving groups on ways to engage youth in Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG). The Office of Adolescent Health thanks the Jim Casey Youth Initiative and the Forum for Youth Investment for their leadership in convening the Youth Engagement in Adolescent Health meeting.

This section shares stories of how organizations around the country have promoted TAG, materials to help your organization get involved, and current discussions about TAG in action.

Principles for Youth Engagement

Why engage youth? And what are some principles for doing so?

Eight Successful Youth Engagement Approaches

Discover eight successful youth engagement approaches.

Youth Engagement Tips for Professionals

Authentically engaging youth turns out to be a strategy where everyone is a winner!
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Content last reviewed on February 26, 2019