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TAG For Professionals

You can make a difference by taking action to improve adolescent health! Learn more about the recommended action steps and find resources for your professional sector, and then get others to join Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG) by using the TAG Toolkit.

Out-of-School Time and Community Program Leaders

Leaders from out-of-school time and community programs identified potential action steps for professionals who wish to support adolescent health and development.

Education Professionals

Education professionals are encouraged to support adolescent health and healthy development with these action steps.

Faith-based Leaders

Leaders from faith-based organizations are encouraged to take on these roles to promote adolescent health.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are on the frontlines for ensuring adolescent health. Learn how to further promote adolescent health in your practice.

Public Health Professionals

Public health professionals are encouraged to take these steps to further improve adolescent health in their communities.

Social Services Professionals

Social services professionals are encouraged to promote adolescent health and healthy development with these action steps.

Workforce Development Professionals

Professionals who help prepare and train youth for the workforce, and those that employ them, can play a key role in promoting adolescent health today and facilitating young people’s transition to adulthood as healthy, productive employees.
Content created by Office of Adolescent Health
Content last reviewed on February 26, 2019