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Linkages and Referrals to Services

No single organization can address all needs for all adolescents. Referral networks allow programs to focus on their specific areas of expertise while making sure adolescents get adequate support. Beyond understanding the services available in the referral network, organizations need a clear understanding of their own program’s limitations and how to identify when an adolescent needs to be referred to a partner.

Key Considerations

  • Identify and recruit organizations and healthcare professionals within the community who provide a wide range of high quality healthcare services for youth.
  • Assess identified organizations and providers to ensure services provided are youth-friendly and accessible.
  • Develop and disseminate a provider referral guide for youth and their families.
  • Identify and train key staff in organizations responsible for making referrals to youth to ensure awareness of available services and familiarity with referral protocols and procedures.

Referrals and Linkages

Youth-Friendly Healthcare Services

Service Locators

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Content last reviewed on August 28, 2018