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Online Learning Modules

OAH offers several online learning opportunities for organizations in the teen pregnancy prevention and expecting and parenting teen fields, as well as anyone else providing services to adolescents. The online learning modules offer a systematic approach for assessing your knowledge and skills, combined with research-based summaries for increasing your knowledge and building skills in various areas, such as collaboration, performance measurement, outreach, and communication.

Adolescent Development

Learn more about adolescent physical, cognitive, social development and promoting healthy youth development.

Collaboration Toolkit

Learn about cultivating strategic partnerships, implementing innovative outreach strategies, and developing robust communication messages.


Learn more about key insights and data on the unique and irreplaceable role that fathers play in the well-being of their children.

Engaging Select Populations

Provide programs with an overview of principles and strategies to more successfully reach and partner with diverse, vulnerable, and at-risk youth.

How to Select an Evidence-Based TPP Program

Designed to help organizations choose the evidence-based TPP program that is best suited to meet their specific needs and goals.

Performance Management

Help your organization systematically monitor progress and track performance.

Performance Management Assessment

Designed to assess the state of performance management knowledge and capacity within an organization.

Strategic Communications Toolkit

Provides tips for strategic communications by tying communication activities to a plan with concrete, measurable objectives linked to desired outcomes.


Learn about the eight key factors to sustainability and how to leave a lasting impact.

Talking with Teens About Reproductive Health

Learn tips and tools that staff can use to ease discomfort and create an open, supportive environment for talking with teens about reproductive health.
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Content last reviewed on March 1, 2017