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Pregnancy Assistance Fund Program


Right from the Start uses partnerships to help vulnerable young people build parenting skills.
The Minnesota Department of Health works with colleges to support student parents.
PAF Program grantees provide support services for expectant and parenting young people.
New Heights is a school-based support network for expectant and parenting teens.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

TPP Grantees


Sé tú mismo (Be Yourself) is a positive youth development program for Latino youth.
Program Reach delivers an abstinence-only program for Hispanic and African-American youth.
Project AIM is a positive youth development program for rural middle school students.
PARC helps prevent teen pregnancy and offers services to expectant and parenting teens.

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program: Your Questions Answered


This playlist features several speakers answering common questions about the TPP Program.

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Videos from Past OAH Events

Adolescent Development Explained Webinar Series


Experts describe how the mind and body change during adolescence.
Experts discuss emotional development during adolescence.
Experts explore the social roles, networks, and relationships of adolescents.

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2016 HHS TPP Grantee Conference


Plenary with Advocates for Youth and keynote from Sophie Godley.

2014 TPP Grantee Conference


Keynotes from J. Nadine Gracia, MD, MSCE, Ivan Juzang, and Brian D. Smedley, PhD.

2014 TPP Month Webcast: Make the Connection


Presentations about positive youth development approaches to teen pregnancy prevention.

2012 TPP Month Event: Let’s Hear About the Boys


Presentations about young men being involved in teen pregnancy prevention.


American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting


OAH Director Evelyn Kappeler spoke with APHA TV about the state of adolescent health.



Information about the vaccines adolescents in need.



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