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These podcasts are created to inform the work of grantees.

Creating and Sustaining Youth Leadership Councils

Youth Leadership Councils are critical for ensuring that programs and strategies for implementation of teen pregnancy prevention programs are relevant and a good fit for the needs of the community. In this podcast series, project implementers and youth talk about strategies for creating and sustaining Youth Leadership Councils.

Importance of Working with Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Pat Paluzzi of the Healthy Teen Network identifies specific strategies to help pregnant and parenting teens and the importance of these efforts.
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Telling Your Story: How to Frame Your Messages about Adolescent Health Disparities and Teen Pregnancy

Glynis Shea of the University of Minnesota shares simple tips on how to communicate teen pregnancy prevention efforts in ways that engage the broader community in prevention goals.
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Social Determinants of Health that Impact Teen Pregnancy

Myriam Hernandez Jennings of JSI Research and Training Institute emphasizes the importance of incorporating social determinants of health, such as where teens live and learn, into teen pregnancy prevention programs.
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Engaging Fathers

Andrew Levack of Engender Health shares why engaging teen fathers is so critical and what programs can do to redefine masculinity and fatherhood.
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Roles and Functions of National Network of State and Adolescent Health Coordinators

Rachel Samsel introduces listeners to the National Network of State and Adolescent Health Coordinators, touching on both the goals and accomplishments of this group of public health professionals.
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Strategies for Reducing Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault

Angela Rose, Founder and Executive Director of the Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE), gives tactics for speaking with victims of teen dating violence and sexual assault and discusses strategies for reducing the incidence of these crimes in the United States.
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Addressing Teen Pregnancy Prevention from a Policy Perspective

Adam Thomas of Georgetown University describes his unique research on the societal cost of unintended pregnancies, emphasizing the taxpayers’ dollars saved by investing in teen pregnancy prevention programs.
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Implementing Evidence-Based Programs

Karen Blase of the National Implementation Research Network introduces listeners to implementation science as well as the benefits and challenges of implementing evidence-based programs.
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Content last reviewed on January 22, 2020