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Talking With Teens About Money

Teaching adolescents to use money well is crucial for helping them enter adulthood prepared to take on the responsibilities of work, family, and life. But as important as money is for our families in this society, it can be really hard to talk about. One national poll found that many parents would rather talk with their teens about sexual intercourse, drugs, or alcohol than about money. Other studies show that only one in four teens say their parents regularly talk with them about money.

Researchers have found that both parents and teens want to talk more with each other about money issues.1 The challenge is to know where or how to start, and how to move past the emotional baggage about money that makes it a particularly challenging topic. Once you get started though, talking about money opens up a wide range of conversations about values, priorities, interests, and how teens spend their time.


1 Koski Research. (2011). Teens & money 2011: Insights into money attitudes, behaviors and expectations of 16- to 18-year-olds. San Francisco: Charles Schwab.
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Content last reviewed on July 2, 2019