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The Children's Council

Project Overview: The Children’s Council will partner with the Lancaster School District and University of South Carolina- Lancaster to implement evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) programs in middle schools, high schools and with college youth. The Children's Council intends to increase the number of youth who delay sexual activity which will in turn reduce the number of teens who become pregnant in Lancaster County.


Project Overview: North Carolina Youth Connected (NCYC), a collaborative partnership between two high-need counties in North Carolina and SHIFT NC, develops and implements community-wide plans to prevent teen pregnancy and achieve a significant reduction in teen birth rates in the select counties.

New York State Department of Health/Health Research, Inc.

Settings: Institutions of Higher Education, High schools and Community Service Centers, and Public Awareness and Education

Project Description

The New York State Department of Health, in partnership with the NY State Education Department, community colleges, school districts, and academic institutional partners will implement the Pathways to Success initiative in three communities: the Bronx, the City of Rochester, and the City of Buffalo.

Pathways to Success will: