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Adolescent Development

Learn how adolescents change and develop and issues they may face as they mature.

Healthy Relationships

Adolescents need positive relationships with peers and caring adults. Find information on what healthy connections look like.

Mental Health

Learn about the mental health issues that affect adolescents, how to access mental health care, and ways to build positive mental health.

Physical Health

From healthy eating and exercise habits to accessing healthcare, learn how to maintain adolescents’ physical health as they grow and change.

Reproductive Health and Teen Pregnancy

Protect adolescents' reproductive health by learning about the prevention of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Substance Use

Substance use can affect adolescents’ physical and brain development. Learn more about trends in and prevention of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use.
Content created by Office of Adolescent Health
Content last reviewed on February 17, 2017