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The e-updates below are posted for reference and contain information, statistics, and links that may not be current and are not updated by OAH.

OAH Picks

OAH Picks

Every other month, OAH Picks shares resources to help professionals and families support adolescent health in a variety of ways, such as strengthening familial relationships and encouraging healthy habits during out-of-school time.

Adolescent Health Insider

Adolescent Health Insider

Adolescent Health Insider provides timely, in-depth information on adolescent health topics, such as bullying and violence prevention, advantages of sport participation, and the risks and benefits of social media use. This e-update is distributed every other month.

Infographic titled "What Shapes Adolescent Health?" What shapes Adolescent Health? A look at the role of schools and work Leveraging where adolescents spend their time and investing in the future Schools, work, and health are in a mutually reinforcing relationship. Good health helps young people stay and perform better in school and work. Education and stable jobs help young people make healthy choices. Make the most of schools and work by: -Increasing access to quality education -Increasing work opportunities -Creating safe and supportive environments -Explicitly promoting health behaviors at school and work

TAG in Action: E-News

TAG in Action

TAG in Action makes the connection between the Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG) framework and organizations working to improve adolescent health with periodic information about youth engagement, multi-sector partnerships, and health essentials.

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Content last reviewed on March 15, 2018