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April 2018: A National Call to Action on Adolescent Health

Four years ago, the HHS Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) launched a national call to action to improve adolescent health. Adolescent Health: Think, Grow, Act® (TAG) calls on all of us to make the health, safety, and healthy development of adolescents a priority. A cornerstone of this effort is the TAG Playbook, which outlines actions that youth-serving professionals, families, and youth can take to promote and prioritize adolescent health. 

OAH has released an updated TAG Playbook with the latest research and data on adolescent health and development. A new section highlights how workforce development professionals can influence adolescent health outcomes and includes action steps to support this goal. The Playbook also now includes information about adolescents with disabilities, as well as tips to help this population navigate the complex health and service delivery systems.  

The TAG Playbook can be downloaded from the OAH website. To order free bulk copies of the TAG Playbook, please email TAGTeam@hhs.gov.  

Four Ways to Get Involved in TAG

The TAG Playbook showcases information about America’s adolescents and offers action steps and related resources to help organizations and individuals join the TAG call to action. Interested parties can:

  1. Talk about TAG. Share information about TAG with friends and colleagues.
    • Present TAG at a staff or coalition meeting or invite OAH to present at a meeting or webinar. Download the slide deck on SlideShare. 
    • Find ideas for sharing TAG in newsletters, blog posts, and social media in the TAG Toolkit.
  2. Take action. TAG offers action steps different organizations and individuals can take to improve adolescent health. Check the OAH website for TAG actions for professionalsfamilies, and teens
  3. Share your success. Tell us about your successful strategies for improving adolescent health and we may feature them in our newsletters or on our website. Visit our TAG in Action section to see examples.
  4. Be Social. Join the conversation on Twitter.
    • Follow @TeenHealthGov and use #TAG42Mil.
    • Use the sample tweets below to share TAG:
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Content last reviewed on August 23, 2018