University of Hawaii (HI) - TPP Tier 2

Grantee Details

City, State: Honolulu, HI
Program Name: PONO Choices
Program Models: PONO Choices
Annual Funding: $969,936

Project Description

Goal: To reduce the number of teen pregnancies and incidence of STIs; increase positive bonding in the school and community; increase sense of self-identity and self-efficacy; and improve expectations for the future.

Program Description: The University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies (CDS) is implementing PONO Choices: A Culturally Responsive Teen Pregnancy and STI Prevention Program. PONO Choices is a locally developed and cultural responsive curriculum that is modeled after Making Proud Choices! and Positive Actions. The ten-hour curriculum includes three major components 1) Goals, dreams and adolescent sexuality, 2) Knowledge, beliefs and attitudes about abstinence, HIV,STIs, and teenage pregnancy and 3) Skills and self-efficacy.

Target Population: Primarily Asian and Pacific Islander youth in middle school ages 11 to 13

Geographic Area: Urban, rural, and suburban settings across the state of Hawaii

Target number of youth served per year: 400 youth

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Contact Information

Holly Manaseri, Ph.D

Last updated: December 21, 2015