Rigorous Evaluation of New or Innovative Approaches to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (Tier 2B) FOA AH-TP2-15-002

The purpose of this FOA is to increase the number of evidence-based TPP interventions available by rigorously evaluating new or innovative approaches for preventing teen pregnancy and related high risk behaviors.  The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed intervention is needed, likely to reduce rates of teen pregnancy and/or adolescent sexual risk behavior, relevant to the target population, and able to be rigorously evaluated.  OAH is especially interested in expanding the evidence base for the field of TPP by funding rigorous evaluations of innovative interventions designed to address gaps in the existing evidence, reduce disparities in teen pregnancy and associated sexual and reproductive health outcomes, and/or serve high-need populations.  OAH anticipates funding 30 grantees for a five-year project period with an annual budget of $400,000 - $1,000,000.

Resources for FOA AH-TP2-15-002

Last updated: February 27, 2015