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Implementation Setting: 
After school program or community-based organizationHealth clinic
Intervention Length: 
Fewer than 10 sessions
Age Group: 
Race / Ethnicity: 
Outcomes Affected: 
Contraceptive use and consistency
Study Rating: 

Program Summary

Respeto/Proteger is a culturally rooted couple-focused and asset-based HIV prevention program developed through a community-academic partnership project for young Latino parents. The 12-hour curriculum builds on feelings of parental protectiveness while integrating cultural teaching as motivation to reduce risky sexual behavior. HIV-related content includes HIV awareness, understanding vulnerability to HIV infection, disease prevention, condom use skills and sexual negotiation skills. Parental protectiveness is fostered through specially designed discussions and writing activities that integrate traditional or cultural teachings. The facilitation is based on the use of an espejo (mirror) process of teaching using strategies such as storytelling and reflection. The role of the facilitators is to be not only teachers and guides but also role models and nurturers. The program is delivered to small groups of couples in community and clinic settings.

Read the full Implementation Report, which includes:

  • Program Overview
  • Program Components
  • Implementation Requirements and Guidance
  • Implementation Readiness Assessment

Interview with the Program Developer

See the materials below to hear form the program developer.

Respeto/Protoger webinar slides

Slides, Audio, Transcript

Read the research on the Respeto/Proteger program on ASPE's website.

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