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Prime Time

Implementation Setting: 
After school program or community-based organizationHealth clinic
Intervention Length: 
More than 20 sessions
Age Group: 
13 or under
Race / Ethnicity: 
Outcomes Affected: 
Recent sexual activity
Study Rating: 

Program Summary

Prime Time, an 18-month youth development program, was created by researchers from the University of Minnesota Prevention Research Center to prevent pregnancy among vulnerable teens. Prime Time combines personal case management and peer educator groups, delivered in tandem. The program seeks to build skills, confidence, motivation, and supportive relationships that every teen needs to succeed, with a focus on responsible sexual health behaviors. Prime Time was designed for use by health clinics.

Read the full Implementation Report, which includes:

  • Program Overview
  • Program Components
  • Implementation Requirements and Guidance
  • Implementation Readiness Assessment

Interview with the Program Developer

See the materials below to hear from the program developer.

Prime Time webinar slides

Slides, Audio, Transcript

Read the research on the Prime Time program on ASPE's website.

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