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Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Implementation Setting: 
After school program or community-based organizationHigh schoolMiddle school
Intervention Length: 
Fewer than 10 sessions
Age Group: 
13 or under
Race / Ethnicity: 
Outcomes Affected: 
Recent sexual activityNumber of sexual partnersFrequency of sexual activityContraceptive use and consistency
Study Rating: 

Program Summary

Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a five hour intervention (delivered in six fifty-minute modules), designed to modify behaviors and build knowledge, understanding, and a sense of responsibility regarding STD/HIV risk in vulnerable youth. The intervention aims to affect knowledge, beliefs, and intentions related to condom use and sexual behaviors such as initiation and frequency of intercourse.

Evidence Review of Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Read the full Implementation Report, which includes:

  • Program Overview
  • Program Components
  • Implementation Requirements and Guidance
  • Implementation Readiness Assessment

Interview with the Program Developer

See the materials below to hear from the program developer.

Be Proud! Be Responsible! Webinar Slides

Slides, Audio, Transcript

Advice from the Field

OAH has compiled lessons learned and advice related to implementation and cost implications of Be Proud! Be Responsible! from TPP grantees. The information below is intended to provide useful tips and overall feedback that organizations should consider when choosing and implementing Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Program Components

  • Consider making minor adaptations to fit the time requirements. For example, Be Proud! Be Responsible! consists of six 60-minute sessions, which may not fit with school schedules. You might consider covering two lessons if class periods are longer than one hour or shortening lessons if class periods are shorter than one hour.
  • Consider adding activities or lessons related to puberty and anatomy, especially if many of the youth lack this knowledge. This decreases the amount of time required to explain the terms that are used during Be Proud! Be Responsible! lessons and ensures that all youth have a complete understanding of the lesson.

Staffing and Professional Development

  • Hire facilitators with experience working in classrooms and with teenagers. Be Proud! Be Responsible! covers information about human sexuality, including condom demonstrations, and being skilled at classroom management as well as engaging with youth will make discussing these topics easier.
  • Develop relationships with the program developers. The developers can provide additional instruction for facilitators to better understand the program’s content and the curriculum.

Read the list of potential adaptations that were previously implemented by OAH grantees for Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Read the research about the Be Proud! Be Responsible! program on ASPE's website.

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