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Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) Performance Measures

Grantees from the FY 2018-2020 Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) Program are reporting performance measures at the grantee-level and participant-level. Grantee-level measures document how the programs are being implemented and include measures such as types of support services and training provided. Participant-level measures document who is being reached by the program and include measures such as demographics and referrals received. Walter R. McDonald & Associates (WRMA) and Mathematica Policy Research are providing database development, support, and technical assistance to grantees.


Performance Measures Reports




September 18, 2014 and August 27, 2014: Performance Measures Overview: Pregnancy Assistance Fund Grantees; Slides, Audio, Transcript, Uploading Data Tip Sheet, Tip Sheet on Using Excel Spreadsheet

Training Materials

Find additional training materials that may be relevant to performance management in the following sections of the TPP Resource Center:

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