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Pennsylvania Department of Health

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Program Summary

Project Overview: The Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) will implement the Support. Empower. Learn. Parenting Health Initiative (SELPHI) to support the health and well-being of expectant and parenting teens and young adults (ages 16-29) and their families in Philadelphia. SELPHI will serve participants in high schools, institutions of higher education, and community service centers. SELPHI will use in-person, phone, text and video-based technology, and social media platforms to provide case management services with the overarching goal of improving the educational, social, and economic outcomes that shape the health of participants and their children. Case managers will empower new parents to make informed decisions and advocate for themselves, and educate families about available services and resources, with a focus on personal and child health services as well as self-sufficiency, concrete supports (such as family housing resources), and parenting supports. SELPHI also has a youth-driven advisory group, which gives youth the opportunity to participate in the development of the program and extend their support network. Projected long-term outcomes are to improve young parents’ self-sufficiency and family functioning, improve parent and child well-being through increased service and resource utilization, and build high-functioning advisory groups. In addition, SELPHI will create sustainable partnerships to enable the SELPHI advisory group network to continue providing services and maintain referral relationships with partners after the grant period.

Settings: High Schools, Community Service Centers, Institutions of Higher Education

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June 28, 2018