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FAQs for Current TPP Research FOAs

FAQ for FY 2020 Research to Practice Center Grants for Adolescent Health Promotion in Order to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy (PA-PHE-20-001)

Updated: 7/10/2020

  1. Is a requirement of this grant to serve all ethnic groups, and if so, would an application addressing one ethnic group be ineligible/disqualified because of this?

    Answer: The Research to Practice Center FOA does not require that all ethnic groups must be served, only that the application must address important and relevant areas related to adolescent health promotion, including addressing how the reduction of other risky behaviors, such as substance abuse, would aid in pregnancy prevention. As long as the application fulfills the eligibility criteria on pages 19-20 of the FOA, it will not be deemed ineligible. 
  2. Per page 19 of the solicitation, the estimated funds available are $2,400,000. Is this for the budget period (1 year) or for the entire period of performance (2 years)? Does the Government anticipate making fewer than three awards?

    Answer: The estimated funds available listed on page 19 of the FOA are for each budget period. Up to three awards will be made following the application review process, which is highlighted on pages 56-59 of the FOA.
  3. On page 17, it lists a year 2 activity as "Fund and implement new research projects with the Alliance members that address the work plan/translation agenda." Does this mean that we are expected to provide direct funding/implementation funding to organizations/agencies?

    Answer: Awardees are expected to fund projects with the Alliance members. Please note that awardees are eligible to undertake projects with some of the funding, in addition to funding projects through subawards.
  4. How many awards will be made?

    Answer: Up to three awards will be made.
  5. Are resumes/CVs required for all personnel, or only key staff?

    Answer: Resumes/CVs for all proposed staff and any job descriptions for any personnel who are not hired should be included. Please see pages 39-40, and page 55 for information about what should be included, and how the application will be evaluated in regards to capacity/experience.
  6. Are Letters of Commitment rather than Memoranda of Understanding acceptable?

    Answer: Yes, letters of commitment are acceptable. Please see page 40 of the FOA for more information.
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Content last reviewed on July 10, 2020