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FAQs for Current Pregnancy Prevention Research FOAs

FAQ for FY 2020 Pregnancy Prevention Research Grants (PA-PHE-20-002)

Updated: 7/10/2020

  1. I’m trying to determine whether multiple faculty from our university could submit separate applications under this announcement or if the entire university can only submit one application. I see this statement: “If you successfully submit multiple applications from the same organization for the same project, we will only review the last application received by the deadline.” But I’m unclear on whether this limits the number of applications that can be filed by the university or only the PI/PD. Could you provide some guidance?

    Answer: If an applicant submits more than one application with the same content (for example, you submit your application and then make an update and submit the updated application at a later time), we will only review the last application received by the deadline. If an individual organization submits more than one application for different projects (for example, different content, different priority area) all submitted applications will be reviewed if the project described is unique.
  2. Will OPA allow for the secondary analysis of data that were collected outside of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative?

    Answer: The proposed grant projects are not limited to publications and data sets from OPA’s prior Federal evaluations or the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program; however, if the data are not publicly available, the application should describe the possession of or the ability to obtain and utilize private data sets. Additionally, the proposed secondary data analyses must be distinct from the aims and methods of the primary research under which the data was collected (that is, effects or outcomes previously examined in the original scope of research and avoid duplication with existing projects in the field).
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Content last reviewed on July 10, 2020