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Facts & Stats

Get the latest numbers and facts about adolescent health at the national and state levels. Find information on changing demographics and how adolescents spend their time.

The Changing Face of America's Adolescents

Adolescents make up 13 percent of people in the United States.1 Check here for a snapshot of America's adolescents and how this picture is changing.

A Day in the Life

Learn how American high school students spend their time on weekdays and weekends.

A Picture of Adolescent Health

Learn about the state of adolescent health across multiple domains, including physical and mental health and education.

National and State Data Sheets

Get the latest national and state data on over 75 measures documenting adolescent health.

Locate Data

Learn about federal data sources that measure different adolescent health issues.
Content created by Office of Adolescent Health
Content last reviewed on July 1, 2019