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Reproductive Health and Teen Pregnancy

Adolescence marks the period between childhood and adulthood when hormonal changes transform boys and girls into young men and women able to have children of their own. The percent of adolescents who are having sex at earlier ages has decreased since 1988 and contraceptive use has increased since the 1990s. Together these two factors have contributed to the U.S. reaching its lowest teen pregnancy and birth rates in years. Still, 39.5% of all high school students reported that they had had sexual intercourse in 2017 and one in eight adolescent females will become pregnant before turning 20. Learn more about issues affecting reproductive health.

Contraceptive Use

Learn about how different forms of birth control reduce the risk of pregnancy and STDS, and find a clinic near you.


Learn about different sexually transmitted diseases, how common they are among adolescents, and how to prevent them.

Teen Pregnancy & Childbearing

Learn about the personal and societal costs of teen pregnancy and effective prevention strategies.
Content created by Office of Adolescent Health
Content last reviewed on March 28, 2019