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Positive Youth Development

Positive youth development (PYD) is an approach to working with youth that emphasizes building on youths’ strengths and providing supports and opportunities that will help them achieve goals and transition to adulthood in a productive, healthy manner. PYD is not a specific curriculum but a model that can be used to enhance any youth-serving program. At its core, PYD focuses on cultivating qualities that help adolescents thrive through relationships and environments that provide supportive connections and help to develop needed skills. Research shows that programs that incorporate a positive youth development approach can contribute to a range of positive outcomes among all adolescents, prevent a variety of risk behaviors, result in robust and sustained impacts, and have the potential to reduce health disparities.

What is Positive Youth Development?

Adolescents who are engaged in positive environments, relationships, and activities can enhance their strengths and their health. Find out more about how the PYD approach promotes adolescent health.

Putting Positive Youth Development into Action

The PYD approach is most effective when organizations implement the eight key practices. Communities also can take steps to encourage adolescent engagement in effective programs.

Resources on Positive Youth Development

Get guidance and helpful tools for incorporating positive youth development in your community or program.
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Content last reviewed on May 13, 2019