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How Adults Can Help Adolescents Be Active

For all adolescents, adults can play an important role in encouraging physical activity. Adults can use the resources below to promote healthy levels of physical activity among youth.

  • Youth Physical Activity: The Role of Families: Parents and caregivers can help promote physical activity among adolescents by modeling positive, active behaviors, and encouraging adolescents to be active with their friends. They also can help adolescents participate in sports or noncompetitive activities, which may be offered through school programs.
  • I Can Do It, You Can Do it”: This President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition program supports individuals with disabilities. It can be used to help adolescents create and participate in an 8-week plan for healthy behaviors that includes regular physical activity.
  • Youth Physical Activity: The Role of Communities: Adults can encourage adolescent physical activity by running community-wide campaigns, increasing access to recreational outlets, and partnering with community groups.
  • Move Your Way: This HHS initiative to promote physical activity provides adults with a physical activity calculator that they can use to plan physical activity for adolescents.
  • Active Schools: This initiative focuses on increasing physical activity in schools and provides examples of how schools have succeeded in promoting a focus on physical health among students.
  • The CDC Guide to Strategies to Increase Physical Activity in the Community: These CDC guidelines offer ten strategies and action steps that communities can use to encourage physical activity among adolescents and the community at large.
  • GRAIDs: Guidelines, Recommendations, and Adaptations Including Disability: This resource can be used to adapt programs and activities for youth with disabilities.


Content created by Office of Population Affairs
Content last reviewed on July 30, 2019