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Working Group Reports

The Tick-Borne Disease Working Group (Working Group) is required to submit a report on its activities and any recommendations to the HHS Secretary and Congress every two years. The first report is due December 2018. 

Working Group Subcommittee Reports

The Working Group established six subcommittees in February 2018. Eash subcommittee identified priorities and developed a report to the Working Group that described current efforts, gaps in research, and potentials actions to be considered by the Working Group for the 2018 report to Congress and HHS Secretary. 

Report of the Access to Care Services and Support to Patients Subcommittee

Report of the Disease Vectors, Surveillance, and Prevention Subcommittee

Report of the Other Tick-Borne Diseases and Co-Infections Subcommittee

Report of the Pathogenesis, Transmission, and Treatment Subcommittee

Report of the Testing and Diagnostics Subcommittee

Report of the Vaccine and Therapeutics Subcommittee

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Content last reviewed on October 24, 2017