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Call for Nominations

Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (PACCARB)



The Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (Advisory Council) provides advice, information, and recommendations to the Secretary regarding programs and policies intended to support and evaluate the implementation of U.S. government activities related to combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  The membership consists of 15 voting members, including the Chair and Vice Chair, and 15 non-voting members: five liaison representative members and ten federal ex-officio members.    

This announcement is to solicit nominations to fill seven positions in the voting member category that are scheduled to be vacated during the 2018 calendar year. Voting members are appointed to serve three or four-year terms.

The seven public voting members sought for this solicitation will be selected from individuals who are engaged in: research on, or implementation of, interventions regarding efforts to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics by optimizing their use; advance research to develop improved methods for combating antibiotic resistance and conducting antibiotic stewardship; strengthening surveillance of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections; preventing the transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections; advancing the development of rapid point-of-care and agricultural diagnostics; furthering research on new treatments for bacterial infections; developing alternatives to antibiotics for agricultural purposes; maximizing the dissemination of up-to-date information on the appropriate and proper use of antibiotics to the general public and human and animal health care providers; and improving international coordination of efforts to combat antibiotic resistance.

The public voting members will represent balanced points of view from human biomedical, public health, and agricultural fields to include surveillance of antibiotic-resistant infections, prevention and/or interruption of the spread of antibiotic-resistant threats, or development of rapid diagnostics and novel treatments.  The public voting members may be physicians, veterinarians, epidemiologists, microbiologists, or other health care professionals (e.g., nurses, pharmacists, others); individuals who have expertise and experience as consumer or patient advocates concerned with antibiotic resistance, or in the fields of agriculture and pharmaceuticals; and they also may be from State or local health agencies or public health organizations.  The voting public members will be appointed by the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretaries of Defense and Agriculture.  All public voting members will be classified as special government employees (SGEs).

Every effort will be made to ensure that the Advisory Council is a diverse group of individuals with representation from various geographic locations, racial and ethnic minorities, all genders, and persons living with disabilities.


Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information regarding participation as a member and the application process.

For further information contact:

Jomana Musmar, MS, PhD
Acting Designated Federal Officer, PACCARB
Phone: (202) 690-5566
E-mail: CARB@hhs.gov

The Advisory Council charter may be accessed online at http://www.hhs.gov/ash/carb/.  The charter includes detailed information about the Advisory Council's purpose, function, and structure.

How to Apply

Nominations must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. ET on April 30, 2018.

Electronic Application Instructions

Nominations must be submitted electronically via the online application page.

This is a two-step application process:

Step 1:  You must first complete the online application form by filling in all the required fields.

Step 2:  After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  To be considered, you must reply to the e-mail with the following attachments:

  • A current copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume, maximum of 30 pages;
  • A short one page biography of the nominee specifying their current profession and primary areas of expertise, and their full contact information (email, phone number, and mailing address); and
  • Any letters of recommendation or endorsement; a maximum of three will be accepted.
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Content last reviewed on April 30, 2018