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Statement from HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Chauvin Verdict

"Yesterday’s verdict delivered accountability on the road towards justice but does not change an egregious wrong.  My thoughts are with George Floyd’s family, the Black community, and everyone who feels the impact of wounds and trauma that too many people have confronted for far too long.  We must meet the challenge to further justice and equity. At HHS, I will do everything I can to tackle racism as a serious public health threat that affects our mental and physical well-being."

"We cannot overlook the anxiety, stress, and trauma that reliving the last moments of a life wrongly taken forces on our communities. We all deserve to live in a world where we have peace of mind knowing that our brothers or sisters, daughters or sons will be safe when they leave the house."

"We at the Department of Health and Human Services stand with marginalized communities to provide support and do our part to ensure that health and well-being are treated as a right and our systems are actively furthering justice."

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