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December 17, 2014
Contact: HHS Press Office

Department of Health and Human Services collaborates with top technology platforms to reach consumers about the Health Insurance Marketplace

HHS announces partnerships with Monster.com, Peers.org, higi

To reach more Americans this open enrollment season, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has collaborated with top technology companies Monster.com, Peers.org and higi to utilize their technology platforms to encourage consumers to visit the Health Insurance Marketplace. Monster, Peers, and higi reach a wide audience of consumers, and the companies have committed to share enrollment information with their audiences.

“These innovative companies help us to reach our consumers where they are with the information they need to sign up and reenroll in quality, affordable care through the Health Insurance Marketplace,” said HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell. “With these partnerships, we are using digital platforms to get Open Enrollment information in front of consumers who need it.”

The announcement today follows an announcement by Secretary Burwell last week with electronic payment company PayNearMe. During the open enrollment period, all PayNearMe receipts printed at 7,800 7-Eleven stores nationwide will include a special announcement that informs consumers about the upcoming Affordable Care Act deadline.


HHS is collaborating with Monster.com to provide content on open enrollment to job-seekers through their online platform. The Health Insurance Marketplace provides job-seekers without employer-sponsored insurance affordable, quality health insurance options. Posting information about open enrollment on Monster.com connects job-seekers with those coverage options while they seek new employment opportunities.

Examples of content on Monster.com include:

“We identified this collaboration as a great opportunity to provide our broad U.S. audience of consumers and job seekers with timely and accurate information regarding the Affordable Care Act,” said Melissa Wojciak, vice president of government relations at Monster Worldwide. “We were happy to coordinate closely with HHS on such an important endeavor.” 

About Monster Worldwide

Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:MWW), is a global leader in successfully connecting job opportunities and people. Monster uses the world's most advanced technology to help people Find Better, matching job seekers to opportunities via digital, social and mobile solutions including monster.com®, our flagship website, and employers to the best talent using a vast array of products and services. As an Internet pioneer, more than 200 million people have registered on the Monster Worldwide network.  Today, with operations in more than 40 countries, Monster provides the broadest, most sophisticated job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management capabilities globally. For more information visit monster.com/about.


Peers wants to make the sharing economy a better work opportunity, by making it easier for workers to find, compare and manage work in the sharing economy. The Health Insurance Marketplace gives Americans the flexibility to start their own business without relying on employer-based insurance. Because people who work in the sharing economy are micro-entrepreneurs, by partnering with Peers, HHS can provide affordable, quality health insurance information to the Peers community. Peers has posted information on their website about how to enroll on Healthcare.gov and will host a live video chat with an HHS official to answer questions from the Peers community.

“Attitudes to work are changing,” said Shelby Clark, executive director of Peers.  “More people are attracted to the diversity of multiple income streams, flexible schedules that fit your work to your life, and the sense of freedom that comes with working independently.  Many people are using the sharing economy as a way to achieve these goals, and with it a new workforce of sharing economy workers has been created. Yet, these people are facing challenges they have never had to deal with before - access to benefits, stable income, and proper financial products. The Health Insurance Marketplace ensures every worker has access to health insurance, regardless of whether they work for an employer or for themselves, giving them the freedom of choosing the kind of work that works for them."

About Peers

Peers is the world's largest independent sharing economy community, whose mission is to make the sharing economy work for the people who power it. Peers supports sharing economy workers with Income Discovery and a Support Marketplace, to make the sharing economy a better work opportunity.

Peers also created Homesharing Liability Insurance, the first multi-platform liability insurance for homesharers, and Keep Driving, to keep ridesharers earning after an accident, which are both available on the Peers Marketplace.  Founded in 2013, has 250,000 global members. For more information, please visit www.peers.org.


Higi, a kiosk-based health engagement platform, has placed engaging Marketplace Open Enrollment messaging on the overhead screens of their interactive stations tracking key health vitals (eg: Blood Pressure, BMI, Weight, Body Fat, etc.) located in the Pharmacy area of 2,000 Kroger, 1,000 Super Valu/Albertson’s, and 250 Meijer stores nationally. The messaging was posted December 5 and will remain throughout Open Enrollment. The organization also plans on adding additional locations as inventory becomes available.

“We are thrilled, in tandem with our retail partners, to be able to offer our support in promoting the Health Insurance Marketplace to millions of consumers at such an impactful time in their daily routine - while they are engaged in their health and wellness,” said Richard Hirsch, higi senior vice president of marketing and media.  “Many consumers use our health Stations habitually during their regular shopping trips, so this messaging will get significant and repeat exposure to a highly relevant target audience.”

About Higi

Higi is a simple, interactive and rewarding way to take control of your health and wellness. Easily accessible in retail stores, corporate wellness sites, fitness clubs and medical providers across the country at higi Stations, as well as at home on the website and on-the-go with the mobile app, higi is proof that understanding and tracking your key health vitals – like blood pressure, weight, BMI, body fat, etc. is the first step to improving your wellness. To learn more, visit higi.com, and follow us on Twitter @higi.

About the Health Insurance Marketplace

Consumers can sign up for an affordable health plan that meets their needs and fits their budget at HealthCare.gov. Many may even qualify for financial assistance. Open enrollment in the Insurance Marketplace runs through Feb. 15, 2015.

Note: All HHS press releases, fact sheets and other news materials are available at https://www.hhs.gov/news.
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Last revised: December 17, 2014

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