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ASPR Hurricane Sandy Recovery Grants - Soundbites and Transcripts

10 Sec Dr. Nicole Lurie: (Audio file - mp3)

Resilience is about communities and individuals bouncing back to be as well or better off than they were at the start and that’s our ultimate goal. This research is a great way to help us start to get there.


25 Sec: Dr. Nicole Lurie: (Audio file - mp3)

We are requiring the academic institutions and organizations receiving the grants to share their findings with each other and with the impacted communities. This approach not only increases the number of people who are able to use the data, but also strengthens the network of people and organizations in the community involved in recovery– and you need strong networks, strong coalitions, and strong people to be resilient in the face of disaster.


30 Sec: Dr. Nicole Lurie: (Audio file - mp3)

We hope this grants provide a catalyst for the scientific community to put much more emphasis on the study of recovery from disasters. Much more research is needed to support decision making in the long-term recovery process and ultimately to improve resilience. We anticipate that the findings will not only help community leaders make evidence based decisions about recovery plans and policies in affected areas, but that the knowledge gain can help improve resilience across the entire country.


45 Sec: Dr. Nicole Lurie: (Audio file - mp3)

These grants truly represent a groundbreaking opportunity. Recovering from disasters takes years and years. Community members have to make tough decisions about how to rebuild their healthcare systems, and in fact, their entire communities so they can recover quickly and withstand future disasters. Today, these kinds of decisions can only be made based on past experience. Whether it’s our own past experience, or lessons learned from other communities. There isn’t enough scientific evidence to guide the way as clearly as we would like. So this research will help community organizations, community leaders, community members make evidence based decisions about recovery plans and policies related to health. It’s the kind of research that’s needed to improve disaster resilience across the entire country.

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Content last reviewed on October 22, 2013