About the Office of National Security (ONS)


ONS 2021 Mission Goals

Your partner in national security. Originally created in 2002, ONS has expanded in scope and capabilities, ensuring HHS personnel, leaders, and stakeholders are informed and protected through timely national intelligence and operational security information. ONS emphasizes the protection of HHS personnel and collateral to allow the Department to accomplish missions worldwide.

In coordination with the Director of National Intelligence, ONS has been designated as a Federal Intelligence Coordinating Office (FICO) and the National Security Advisor to the Secretary serves as the HHS Federal Senior Intelligence Coordinator (FSIO). ONS has responsibilities to establish implementing guidance, provide oversight, and manage the Department's policy for the sharing, safeguarding, and coordinating the exchange of information related to national or homeland security with other federal departments and agencies, including law enforcement organizations and the Intelligence Community, in compliance with HHS policies and applicable laws, regulations, and Executive Orders.

ONS protects critical information related to:

  • U.S. and global public health policies and positions
  • Medical countermeasure research, development, and acquisition information
  • Infectious diseases and pandemic threats
  • Information about innovative life science research data and best practices
  • State of the art high containment laboratories
  • Largest U.S. repository of proprietary food and drug-related information
  • Public health/medical preparedness and response operations
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