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DATA Act Implementation At HHS

The DATA Act Program Management Office (DAP) operates in partnership with HHS Operating Divisions (OpDivs) and Staff Divisions (StaffDivs) and their system business owners to ensure government-wide data standards, data exchange requirements, and data reporting requirements are met and implemented.

If you work for an HHS OpDiv/StaffDiv, subscribe to our monthly implementation newsletter by emailing the DAP Mailbox. You can also email the DAP mailbox to request access to the DAP MAX.gov page, which provides more information on implementation at HHS.

If you would like to learn more about DATA Act Implementation and how to get involved, visit the following websites:

Open Beta

  • Open Beta is the public beta site designed to collect input for the next release of USAspending.gov. It includes sample data that allows the public and Federal agencies to test features and provide feedback on designs and visualizations.
  • Feedback is imperative for a comprehensive and useful USAspending.gov site. Each concept that is posted on Open Beta has a comment thread below allowing the viewer to easily submit comments to Treasury.
    • From the public perspective, consider how the data is being displayed and whether it is easy to understand.
    • From the Federal perspective, consider whether the information shown makes sense and whether any information is missing from the concept.
  • Your feedback matters and will be used to shape the website!


  • Visit the DATA Act collaboration page at Fedspendingtransparency.github.io. This is a collaboration space for the public and Federal agencies to openly share processes for meeting the new data transparency requirements of the DATA Act.
  • For those who are not part of an HHS OpDiv/StaffDiv and would like to get involved, OMB and Treasury hold external stakeholder calls. These are listed on the GitHub page at http://fedspendingtransparency.github.io/get-involved/, along with other ways to stay up-to-date and get involved.


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Content last reviewed on October 24, 2016